Grouse Mountain


This weekend we went to Grouse Mountain to have a look around and they had a ski sale where we got some second hand skis for the girls.  Great views and we stopped and had a hot chocolate in the restaurant at the top.  I also have posted some photos of some wildlife down by the waters edge where we live.

We have also encountered some bears this week.  We were on our usual morning walk on Wednesday and some people started yelling at us that there was a black bear two houses up and sure enough there he was looking around.  I tried to get a photo but Shelly told me off and we moved back to give him room to move on. Then the next day when we went to pick the kids up from school there was a bear out the front of the school.  The locals don’t seem to mind and they just give it a wide berth and they notified everyone over the loud speaker to stay out of the woods.

Another couple of weeks and they will be heading off for a sleep and we won’t have to worry about them until the spring time.


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